• david1968 posted an update 1 week, 3 days ago

    hi im new here ive been dianosed over the years with anxiety and depression also bipolar ive tried mood stablisers which just seem to irritate my mood antiphycotics which really sedated me and to be honest made me more restless and agitated than i already am ssri medication made me even moore hypo and dysphoric my phyc doc thinks ive got adhd and im going to be assessed this week as most of my symptoms have been present since child hood theres symptoms that dont tie in with bipolar such as hypa sensitivity to sounds noises and smells that drive me insane emotional sensitivity every is worse than it really is distractablity perfectionist traits and so on i would be very greatfull if any body could give me some advice or does any one else have these symptoms
    kind regards david

    • Hi David,
      Welcome to the neighbourhood! I hope you enjoy your visit. Regarding your symptoms I can say that I have seen comments from people talking about similar symptoms to yours. While that doesn’t necessarily mean that you have ADHD it is certainly a fit with some of us. I don’t personally share all of your traits I do have depression and anxiety, along with a tendancy towards perfectionism but also procrastinate when I don’t think I can do a job perfectly. I am also very emotionally sensitive. I get distracted a lot of the time and lose track of things. I hope you get a proper assessment. If it turns out that you have ADHD this site has many wise people on it with wisdom beyond even my years.


      That Guy With ADD 1963