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What is it?

Do you have information you want others to know about? Do you have questions you want answered but not from an expert, from people just like you. This is the place to share your knowledge, your wisdom and insights. No one has to reinvent the wheel.

I Just Found Out!

What had you seek out a diagnosis or start looking for treatment? We’re guessing it’s probably not because everything was peachy keen. Since ADHD is complex, it looks different in everyone, and it rarely comes in a pure, easy to recognize form.


Do you take it? Have you tried it? If not why not? What works for you and what just doesn’t.

Parenting & ADD

Are you the parent of a child with ADD/ADHD? Or a parent with ADD/ADHD, yourself? This forum is for you and it’s hosted by certified coaches Diane Dempster and Elaine Taylor-Klaus from ImpactADHD.

For The Non-ADD

For the non-ADD who are supporting others. Learn what makes things go smoothly and what either works, or makes things worse. Hope and support for the frustrated, furious or fed-up. If you are a parent, please post in the stream called Parenting & ADD.

The Workplace

Whether you or someone you know has ADD, this is a place to discuss workplace issues. If you have learned something, as an ADDer, this is a great place to share your insights and wisdom.

Tools, Techniques & Treatments

How do I succeed? What can I do about procrastination? Time management? Choosing a career? Do I need medication? As you’ll see, the most creative solutions and strategies come from ADDers themselves. Share what works and what doesn’t.

Emotional Journey

Life is confusing enough, even without ADHD. Discovering that you’ve had this hidden handicap silently sabotaging your life can make yours a roller-coaster ride. Hear what others face, share your struggles and victories, simply vent or find support to get unstuck.

Ask The Community

Have you watched every TotallyADD video and still can’t find the answer to your burning question? Look here to see if someone else has asked it and if not, ask for help from this supportive community.

Most X-treme!

What’s the best advice you’ve ever been given? The worst? What’s the most mean (or dumb, cruel or silly) thing someone ever said to you? The nicest or kindest? What’s your most embarrassing screw up? Share your most outrageous stories.