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  • Are you a current college student with ADD/ADHD between the ages of 18-25? Then I want to hear from YOU! I am conducting my senior thesis looking at the experiences of college students with ADHD and I need participants. It takes about 10 to 15 minutes. Your responses would be REALLY helpful for me and would help us learn more about the experiences…[Read more]

  • Hopefully you have your answer by now and can post on your progress.  Although  I am just starting out on my ADD journey I feel that I need to do it “by the book” starting with my doctor and psychologist to treat […]

  • As much as I have tried to create a routine for storing my keys, wallet, glasses, etc. I still seem to amaze myself with the number of subconsious ways my brain can break from a tried and true method like a […]

  • My sleep is interupted by noises, a full bladder, aches, and dreams.  I find that in most of my dreams I have the ability to manipulate them simply by thinking “that’s dumb, I should have done this instead”  and […]

  • richardpeter started the topic ADD Book Review in the forum Other 1 week, 4 days ago

    I just finished reading (and skimming, and skipping through) “Adult ADD – A Guide for the Newly Diagnosed”.  It was a pretty easy read for me (especially considering the trouble I have with reading and […]

  • The biggest reason I have not been visiting this site, is because how it is put together. I wished, there was an alternate view of all of this information, presented in a way I can absorb. The front page has moving pannels. It takes me just about as much time to read through the pannel and it gets whisked away. and so on and so on. I have already…[Read more]

    • I agree. I don’t frequent the site much these days. Partly that’s just a time thing but mostly because the way the newsfeed and forums are linked is a bit frustrating. I think how it works is clear now I’ve sorted that out, but there is something about the set up that just builds up a ball of frustration in me. It’s nowhere near as good as it…[Read more]

  • Hi Richard,

    Clearly you and your wife have a good marriage, or it wouldn’t have lasted 21 years, and you wouldn’t be in this forum if you weren’t looking for answers and council. I certainly don’t have […]

  • Look–I understand ADD is caused by an inactive prefrontal cortex, and was wondering if others have found success, as he has described, within his book I’m reading?  Me, I space out, and in high school, I washed […]

    • Anyone who claims “ADHD can be cured”, especially by something that person is trying to sell you, is not to be trusted. Many of Dr. Amen’s claims are highly questionable and are not supported by proper scientific evidence. ADHD cannot be “cured”, any more than you can “cure” your brown eyes and make them blue. It is a neurological…[Read more]

    • Dr Amen has paid our local PBS station to play his “Cure to ADHD” infomercial almost once a week. I complain to them, citing many articles debunking his claims.

      NOBODY can cure ADD/ADHD. I have written many times on this subject, and I am sure the posts are still around here, somewhere.

      Don’t be fooled. Read books and articles, written…[Read more]

  • Marriage SOS,

    As a non-ADHD wife, married 35 years to an ADD husband, I can relate to a lot of what you said. And in many ways, the earlier years of our marriage were the most difficult. Under the best of […]

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